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I have wanted to get my document folders, my writing, and my bookmarks sorted and into some kind of usable/searchable format for quite a while. Well Luc's building his computer tonight and NaNoWriMo is looming on the horizon so I figured that this would be the perfect time for it.

Over 4 hours later I've got all but the finicky stuff done. There are files that I'm going to have to go through file by file and do a manual comparison to sort out what's been miss named and what's a duplicate (or in some cases triplicate or more). The majority of the files are done and sorted through. The ones that are left are all from three major file sets. The only issue with one is that it's full of files that I don't have a program currently installed for - can we say Corel anyone? I'll deal with those later.

In doing this I found my inspiration for NaNo this year! I'd had a story bouncing around in my head for the past month or so but when I was flipping through the older files I found other bits of it that I can use. None of these are over a page, and none of them can be used as is, but they are on the same plot. Woot!

Other then that, life is. I'm still at my current job, I'm still ambivalent to it [read: board out of my ever-loving mind].

I've picked up my crochet again. I've gotten a couple of nice shrugs made for myself. A poncho for one of the women at work and I'm currently working on a giant snowflake for myself and a blanket for another woman at work.

I'm planning on making myself a nice winter sweater or two, I just need to go out and get the wool. I've found the patterns though, which is half the battle.

Well, that's it for now. Probably more as I get ready for year five of the insanity that I love to call NaNoWriMo!


Return from Camping!

Well I've been back for a couple of days now and it's finally time to post.

Camping was great.  There is a lot to be said for not having an internet connection or TV or most of the modern conveniences.  Now there is a lot to be said for having them also, don't get me wrong, I love my computer and I enjoy my TV.  It was a gorgeous weekend, blue skies with only a little clouds, not too hot or cold, perfect camping weather.

Normally after about a day or two I'm ready to go home but this time I just wanted to stay longer.

We didn't end up getting to go to the wolf howl, it was cancelled as they didn't know where the pack was. 

We did get to go biking though.  Great fun, but they have a different definition of skill then I do!  On one course we did about 12km in 1.5hs on the other we did close to 30km in 2hs.  Now understand that I average 20km in an hour on city and bike paths in Ottawa, which should tell you just how hard that one path was!  I don't understand the physics of mountain biking, I enjoy it, but I don't understand it.  And that lack of understanding causes some fundamental problems where I connect to the bike.  I think we can all put two and two together and realize I'm not talking about the handlebars.

Other then that we just wandered around the park.  Did I mention that we went to Algonquin?  No?  Well we did.  Holly hell but it's gorgeous up there.  So many lakes and trees. 

And squirrels, although not the massive suckers that we've got here, no those are called raccoons.  Oh my those things were huge!  They were bigger then my cat, and Killer's an 18lb er (well probably 15 or so now, he's been on a diet).  These things would have given a basset hound a run for it's money size-wise.  And they got into our cooler!

I think that was the ultimate insult.  No, the ultimate was the fact that they didn't even pretend to be scared of us when they came back the second night to see if they could get the rest of the stash.  They didn't get much, we didn't leave the cooler with the meat and whatnot out, just the drinks.  So they got my cheesecake, some feta, and the hamburger buns.

Other then that we went stargazing down on the beach.  Krista and I had a riot trying to figure out which constellations were where and what the names meant.  Serpens Caput.  I figure that should mean dead snake, or at least that's what I remember of high school Latin.  It means snake's head.  Go figure.  Either way that sent us into fits of giggles.  The boys just looked at us, shook their heads, and went back to photographing things.  Luc ended up getting a bunch of really nice shots of constellations, the moon, and the Northern Lights.  You couldn't really see them with the naked eye but they showed up incredibly well on the camera.

There were a bunch of guys there the first night, had this little point and shoot, couldn't get a picture worth anything (surprise, surprise), they overheard us talking about the Northern Lights and were saying that it couldn't be them, we finally got them to come up and look at them on Luc's camera.  Don't argue with the natives boys.

Hmm, what else?  Other then that we just sat around basking in the peace.  Took a quick trip into Huntsville for a few things (lamp & padding for the tent).  Oh my word there is a lot of money flouting around that place.  Then again what do you expect out of Cottage Country.  That's the Muskoka's for you.  There be money in them thar hills.

I really didn't want to go back to work on Tuesday, I could have used another week of that.  Although it does give me some more incentive to finish and publish my book.  Become an author, set my own schedules.  And speaking of that I want to get some writing in tonight.  I've finally launched my writing journal, I've been planning on it for a while and got around to it last night.  Not in any shape to actually give out the address yet, but I'll do so eventually.

Off to write I go.
~ K.


Another mass update

Haven't said a word in a while. Hasn't been much to say really. We've spent most weekends out biking. Other then that one trip to Montreal we haven't been anywhere else.

I finally got the kinks worked out of the first book. I'm now just over 30 000 words in, I'm thinking that once I'm done with the writing and the editing it will come out around 70 000, or at least that's what I'm aiming for. I want to get a membership with the Romance Writers of America as that's probably going to be the best way to find and editor and get myself published. For the first time in years my dream is actually starting to look like a possibility.

This weekend we decided to go to the Ex Saturday night with friends of ours, that got rained out so we went bowling instead. I haven't had that much fun bowling in years. Then again I haven't been in quite a while. Definitely something that we'll have to do again. It cost us about 35$ for an hour, shoes for four people and a lane. I'm not sure how much the second hour was, but even if it was another 35$ that's not bad for 4 people. I have no idea where the guy writing the names into the system was coming from, but both Greg and I ended up with new names. Greg became Gery and Kari became Kavi. Good for a laugh.

I actually one a game with a score of 118. In bowling that might not be a good score, but for me breaking 100 is excellent! I actually got a couple of strikes and a couple of those slash things. Can you tell I really understand the game?

Today was the last day for the Ex and as Krista had gotten free passes somewhere we figured that we might as well take advantage of them. There aren't as many rides as there used to be. It was still fun wandering around but we weren't willing to shell out 38$ each for an unlimited pass so we just picked the couple of rides that we really wanted to go on and bought tickets for those. It was fun to wander around and people watch though.

That place is a haven for teenagers. Watching some of the girls wander around I just had to shake my head. You know how your parents tell you that one day you will be like them, looking at the younger generation and saying "in my day"? Well, I did it. I believe the exact phrase was: in my day you only dressed like that if you were walking the streets, as in professionally. Oh my.

On Thursday we're heading up to Algonquin park for a couple of days of camping. It will be really nice to get out of the city for a while and there are a lot of nice hiking trails and whatnot up there. We're planning on taking the bikes with us I think, which will be nice. Going to have to do some food planning though as we'll be gone for more then 2 days. This is going to be fun.

Alright, back to writing I go.
~ K.

Robots and Movies

Took my bike in to get it tuned up and whatnot yesterday, and got rid of that horrid squeek! That unfortunately involved getting up far too early for any reasonable person, but it did end with me getting my bike back yesterday as opposed to getting it back Tuesday. And getting it back yesterday means that I can go for a bike ride today.

We also brought the car in, that was a little less successful, sat around for an hour and didn't end up having anything other then the problem diagnosed. We told them it was an issue with the suspension, they said no problem, bring it in on Saturday! A) Their suspension guy doesn't work Saturday's and B) they said they'd get us a rental but all the rental places are closed after noon on Saturday (or at least the ones that they use). So I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to go drop the car off and get a rental for the day. At least I'll be able to come back and sleep for a while after.

One of Luc's computer stores was having a massive sale yesterday, got 2 1gig USB drives for 10$ each and a couple of spindles of DVDs for the same price. Sweet deal. I needed a new key and so did he and this was perfect.

Went out for dinner and a movie with Krista and Greg, which is always fun. We ended up finishing dinner long before the movie started and as we were out in Kanata we wandered over to Chapters. That my friends, is still a very dangerous store for me, didn't end up buying anything, which probably isn't a bad thing, but still a very dangerous store.

I finally got to go see Transformers, damn if I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Little too much of a love story at the start, mainly because it was filled with your typical awkward teen stuff, but meh, I can live with that. Sqee! They did a really good job with the bots too, BumbleBee was a Dodge Challenger and not a VW Bug, but that's livable. Lot's of explosions, interesting technology and those oh so must-stretch-the-suspension-of-reality-really-far computer shots of hacking and whatnot. Why does every computer hacker seem to have this program that lets them have a bunch of random "code" floating around the screen? I mean seriously!

Great movie though (at least in MHO). Then again since we all know that I love "B" movies, especially the kind involving out space, maybe my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

Today is for biking and going to have dinner at the 'rents house. Oh and laundry, which I should probably go down and collect.

Fortnight update

And I'm still bad about posting so here is the mass update from the last while.

Canada Day weekend camping:

Went to
Quebec to Leslie Lake and stayed there from Friday night to Monday morning. Drove home Monday and went to work.  Woke up the campground at 5am
with the car alarm by accident, I wanted advil and I thought I'd deactivated it, turns out I hadn't. Other then a little rain it was great. Got to play with sparklers and fire and swim in the lake. Other then that spent the time sitting around doing nothing but relaxing and talking with the friends that we'd gone up there with. Oh, and eating really good food.

Then to now:
Work, work, and more work. Went to the cottage of friends of Richard's for a day, that was marvellous. Done quite a bit of biking and seem to have started to loose weight again, or at least inches.  I fit into some stuff that didn't fit before and am closer to fitting into other stuff.


Drove to
Montreal today, we decided Friday that we'd drive there instead of getting our coffee shipped. Odd, but true. We've been meaning to go for a while now and do some shopping and wandering and we figured that we might as well. We ended up wandering around St Catherine Street
for a couple of hours. They were having a massive street sale to go along with the Festivals and the Fifa U20 going on. And when I say street sale, I mean they blocked off a large portion of St Catherine and had vendors and musicians right out into the street.

Ended up hopping the subway to the Biosphere on Ile Ste-Helen (or something like that), I was there when I was in grade 8, the year that they opened, there wasn't anything much there then, and there isn't anything much there now.  What we had actually been aiming for was the Biodome but I'd thought they were the same place so we ended up at the wrong one.  It was interesting to see the pictures of the Worlds Fair and the view from the Biosphere is actually really nice, that and we wanted to take a subway ride anyways.

We were planning on wandering around St Catherine and then Old Montreal and whatever other shops we fancied until the fireworks that night but it started to rain rather had and we both decided that we'd call it a day and come back later in the summer.

Parc Omega:
Us and friends of ours decided to go hiking on Sunday and ended up going to Parc Omega.  It's one of those places that you drive through and the animals can come right up to your car.  We ended up buying a whole bunch of carrots to feed to the deer.  They were literally laying in wait at the gates and everywhere else that they knew the cars would be stopping.  The deer would walk in front of a car they didn't think would stop, walk up to the window and demand a toll of carrots be paid before they'd go bother the next car in line.  These things were bold to, they'd stick their heads as far into the car as they could trying to get as much out of you as they could.

Ended up doing two short walks and then two tours around the site in the car to get some really good pictures of both the wolves and the bears.

Between the two days were we’re exhausted  so ended up just going home and vegging out on the coach.

Now I'm back at work eating my wonderful home made fajitas.

~ K.


Ah the long weekend is here and we're going away.  Luc and I are going camping with the Chartrand's which will be nice as we havent' seen them in a while.  Got everything packed up and into the car this morning, we just have to pick up the last of the food on the way out of town tonight.

Camping, camping, camping!  

Can you tell I'm a wee tad excited about going?  I haven't been in ages and I haven't been on a decent weekend in even longer.  We're going to a little campground in
Quebec it's about 2 hours outside of Ottawa
.  From what Rick said and the pictures I've seen it looks really nice.

We've got to be back in
for Monday as we're both working the holiday.  I'm hoping that would be quiet but something tells me that isn't going to happen.  Ah well, hope springs eternal and I'm bringing a book.  Now the question is will I be able to get to Chapters tonight before we head off for camping or not.  Probably not, but again, hope springs eternal.

Now off to finish my lunch and whatnot and then back on the phones, I'm off at 6 tonight!



London/St Thomas Day 5

Decided not to go to the fly out this morning.  Too many days of getting up early finally got to us.  Apparently Luc had thought about it and just letting me sleep, but sleep won out for him too.

Got Starbucks coffee, I don't mind it even if it does always tastes as if it's been left on the pot too long, but Luc doesn't care for it.  Meh, his coffee is better anyways.  After that we hit the 401 and headed east again.

We met up with Eric and Karen in
Toronto and spent some time with them before following them back to Peterborough
.  To quote Eric: "we're not downtown, downtown is four blocks that way."  They were right downtown.  Ah well, I didn't have to drive, just navigate.  "What do you mean you can't turn that way!  That's the way the map said to go!"

TO to
Peterborough was a regular drive through Toronto
traffic, yeah.  Sat and chatted for a while and got to see the kidlet (she was in school when we were through on Thursday).  Grabbed more Arby's on the way out.  It's not as good as I remember it, but then things like that rarely are.  Ah well, was nice to give it a shot.

Got back around 11:30, dragged all the stuff upstairs and had a shower and now I'm going to go fall into bed and sleep.  I'm never not bringing my own pillow with me again.

Here kitty kitty kitty, mommy wants a cuddle.

London/St Thomas Day 4

5 am: wake up for unspecified reason (probably had to pee), bed either above us or beside us is squeaking, very rhythmically. Yep, at 5 am this morning someone was getting lucky. We’re not in a no-tell motel either, but apparently the soundproofing needs a wee bit of work.

Other then that the show was great. Hell, even with it, that just added a whole new dimension. Nothing else wild or wonderful today.

Got to actually get inside the C-130 and look around, they have a nice little "for sale" sign, wonder how much that baby costs. Also got into the Dash-8, both very cool.

I don't think I mentioned the sky divers in my last post either? The Sky Hawks, who are a team out of Montreal, did some presision diving stuff for the opening both days. Lets just say that I wouldn't have the guts to jump out of a plane and then come spinning down on someone elses legs. Or with something dangling from my legs. We got to see them all three days and also watch them practice on the ground.

All in all the experiance from this show was great and there is no reason for me to ever want to do one of these in the crowd again, it is worth the extra money for all the perks.

For those who are interested here's the official Wings and Wheels site.  They've got a great page with all of the performer on it.

Now for bed so we can decide if we're getting up tomorrow to watch everything leave.

London/St Thomas day 3

Crossed off a few more things from the list of things to see and do before I die.


1 – leave nose print on Canadian F-18

2 – be close enough to said F-18 on take-off to feel the heat from the jet

3 – leave nose print on Sea King, C-130, and a couple of Snow Birds

4 – get to inspect whatever I want on the outside of said Sea King, C-130, and Snow Birds (and whatever I can see through any and all openings, windows, et cetera)


We also got to watch a C-17 Globemaster take off, land, and reverse, yes, reverse, under it’s own power, no towing provided, on a runway that should have been about a 1000 feet too short for it.  Not only did it land and then take off on the short runway but it did it in about the same (or a little more) space then the Cessna that we’d seen land earlier.  But the backing up was the interesting part.  I knew that they could do that in theory, I’ve just never seen anything do it, and not something as big as the Globemaster.


Gates opened at 9am to the general public but we were aloud in at 7:30 to take a gander at the static displays (the stuff that isn’t flying) and get up close and personal with the things that are flying.  Both of which gave us access that the general public wasn’t able to get.  Nose prints?  Those were left before 9am when they had to rope everything off so that the public wasn’t going to leave the same prints.


Quote of the Day:

Diane: What does the tail say?  (she wanted to know if it was a specific set of troops)

Dave: Diesel.


I think that’s going to be one of the had-to-be-there quotes though.


A couple of people were complaining about the fact that they’re burning because they’re out so long.  When the pasty white girl who pretty much glows in the dark she’s that white is, after two full days in the sun, not even tanned, you know it’s time to look into a better sun screen.  I was supprised at the people using spray on sun screen.  Let’s rephrase that, spray-on sun tan lotion.  Sprays are to keep the bugs off, that greasy lotion stuff is to keep the sun off.  I will use the highest SPF that I can find, this time around it was 45, I’ve gone as high as 60.  I’m still lily white and they’re burnt, I must be doing something right.

I didn't fall asleep in the middle of the performance today but damn if I'm not tired right now.  I think that's going to be the going trend for this weekend.

We're getting ready to head out to dinner (going to find that curry place that we saw before and see if it's any good.

On the subject of food, you would not belive the amount of hole in the wall sushi places around here.  And I can't go to any of them!

London/St Thomas Day 2

Knocked off something else from my list of things to do and see in my life, got to watch a Sea King, in flight, live.  Not something that you can do often, or that will happen for much longer.  They didn’t think that they were going to even have one of the King’s due to the fact that there wasn’t one that was out of maintenance.  Turns out that there was one and they flew it in today.  You don’t worry about safety at air shows really, they tend to be safer then any other outdoor public summer activity.  


When one of these things comes in you wonder if you should be somewhere no matter where you actually are.  They’re not that bad, and they are very well maintained, but they have a bad reputation for falling out of the sky at inopportune moments.  It didn’t help that we had been told that none of them were supposed to show up because none of them were actually out of the shop at this point in time.


It was cool to see it in the air though, there aren’t many opportunities to do that and they are getting fewer and farther between as time goes on.


Passed out while the Snow Birds were up practicing, and I’m not going to live that one down anytime soon-ish, but even with that I had a great time.  What went up and what came in was rather random but it was fun to get to sit around with a bunch of camera and air plane enthusiasts and talk while we watched the people run around and get things ready for the show.


Diane, the woman who was in charge of security for us (basically making sure that none of us wandered in front of a spinning object), let us have free roam of the place and we ended up getting to have some close up views of both the planes that had come in and what was going on as far as prep work for the show itself.


None of the crews were around so we didn’t get to look inside the flying objects, and the classic cars aren’t showing up until tomorrow, but all in all very nice day.


Oh, got to see the C-17 Globemaster do a touch and run.  A bunch of Harvards ham it up before landing and some small aerobatics planes.


Ended up going to a fry place for dinner.  It’s back in Port Stanly and has been open since 1911.  Quiet a feat that.  Massive building right on the waterfront, prime property due to the fact that it is one of the few buildings on that strip of land.


Damn if I’m not tired tonight though, and tomorrow is going to be even earlier, we’ll see how spry I feel tomorrow.