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23 March 1981
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PS: I've added my new journal to the info.

NOTE: I've completely moved my stuff off of LJ and the other various blogs I've got kicking around, if you need me, e-mail me, or leave a comment in my last post, I'll still get it.

~ K.

My life in one sentence: I'm a writer looking for a story.

And here’s three more: I'm 26, have a degree in psychology, and work in a call centre trying to talk people out of cancelling their accounts. I live with a wonderful man, our 2 cats, and a snake. Don't have any hobbies to speak of (other then reading and writing) and enjoy my life.

I decided that I needed a fresh start and that there was no point in using my old journal to do so, I’ve been known on LJ for over 5 years as jadeshadow, I’m not shutting down that journal, there is too much on there that I want to keep, I’m just adding journal number 5 to my list and this one is going to become my primary journal.

The main quote on my LJ for years has been "I've gone to find myself, if I get back before I return, hold me here so I don't get confused." I’ve also said that "life is a game of Tetris; you just have to know how to fit the pieces together."

I’m still slightly confused, and I haven’t scored a Tetris in the game of life yet, but I can see where the blocks go, and I’ve got most of them in place. So I think it’s time to change the quote… Now I’ve just got to find a new one…

If you've found me then come in and be welcome, leave a message or a question if you're so inclined, add me if you like, no need to ask.

With all that said, welcome to my life, somewhat live, and occasionally up to date...